Ideas on hand

Man’s mind, once stretched by new ideas, never regains its original dimension.
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

The wheels are always turning at Immersion Technology, Inc. – call us today at (702) 233-8212 to find out what new dimension we can bring to your business!

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Why do you need Immersion Technology?

  • We're flexible, all staff is remote yet always connected.
  • We're green, we run our business virtually.
  • We're curious, we ask the right questions to get to know your unique needs.
  • We're analytical, we determine the most efficient action needed for your continued success.
  • We're innovative, we strive to bring new technologies to the hospitality market in order to continually improve your hotel operations, employee satisfaction and property security.

We are Immersion Technology, Inc. (ITI), seasoned hospitality professionals that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. You know that equals power. We combine our years of hospitality and technology experience to manifest a super-power that offers your organization truly personalized solutions.

As you are considering your options in hospitality solution providers, let us help you determine that Immersion Technology is your best choice. We are immersed in everything hospitality, technology and services. We are at your service when you have the need for Research, Development, Training, Project Management, Support, Superior Organization, Planning, Consulting, Testing and Supervision. ITI is dedicated to helping your company reach your objective, in the time estimated, within the cost quoted. 

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