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Mark Swanson, President

My experience in the Hospitality Industry bridges 25 years. It envelops both the Hospitality Service Industry (Banquets and Catering, Rooms Division, Reservations, Front Office, General Manager and a Regional Manager for several Franchise Hotel Properties) and additonally the Hospitality Technology industry, serving as a PMS and CRS Trainer, Support Technician, System Upgrade Manager, Product Line Manager and Business Development Director since 1983.



About Immersion Technology

We would like to claim, like all great technology companies, we got started in the garage. There's some truth to this, but we can also say we started while working our first jobs in high school or college: manning the night shift, delivering luggage or setting up a banquet room. So really it's our years of working in the hospitality industry, noticing how many great opportunities exist to be leveraged and put to use in a characteristically slow-to-adopt industry. We developed a true passion about service and a never satisfied curiosity about how technology, when implemented correctly, will improve any hospitality offering and ensure its growth. Our commitment to success is unlike anything we've encountered in today's industry, therefore Immersion Technology, Inc. (ITI) was created to bring both hearts and smarts to the hospitality and technology market.

We vow to bring you truly personalized solutions free from corporate constraints. We believe operations can flourish by seizing individuals who embrace and thrive on inspired thought. We relate on every level to any member of your staff and any challenge of your operations. When you allow Immersion Technology to share our knowledge, we've become purposeful on your behalf. It's about helping your operation grow, not our bank accounts. It's about answering to you, our customer, with the same honesty and integrity we would extend to our families and friends. We combine this with the courage to proceed into the unknown while continuously checking the vision against the reality of a business environment.

The bottom line is, we are here for you. We will always work for and answer directly to you, our valued customer (or prospect) and we will always cherish your advocacy on any project you award to our care. ITI's promise is to never take our eyes off the prize: leading your operation to growth. We are customer driven, always remain flexible and are working to discover new trends as opposed to following the majority. When you think of Immersion Technology, think of an excitement for the cutting edge (R&D) and a passion for the industry itself (professional services and project management). Last but not least, think of us as inspiration for great thoughts among individuals and companies who also believe, “different” is something to be embraced – not replaced – in today’s marketplace.

How can we excite you today?

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