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Mark Swanson, President

My experience in the Hospitality Industry bridges 25 years. It envelops both the Hospitality Service Industry (Banquets and Catering, Rooms Division, Reservations, Front Office, General Manager and a Regional Manager for several Franchise Hotel Properties) and additonally the Hospitality Technology industry, serving as a PMS and CRS Trainer, Support Technician, System Upgrade Manager, Product Line Manager and Business Development Director since 1983. This experience has combined a passion for the service of Hospitality with the desire to TEST cutting edge technology over the last 12 years. Most recently I have separated with SoftBrands, Inc. in order to open a company that utilizes highly experienced human resources (Hospitality and Technology trained) who otherwise are under-utilized for the purposes they are most effective in.

Company Focus / Goals
I have ventured out on my own with some industry professionals to provide advice and professional services directly into the Hospitality Industry. I intend to continue serving the Hospitality Industry and provide my own insights into different aspects of the business where others may choose to avoid to look. My experience has shown me that although each hotel or chain operates a hospitality business, few hotels execute that due hospitable ethic – in the same manner or with the same focus and emphasis on serving their customer – to the highest degree each day of the week. I have experienced first hand some of the finest hotel professionals and people who are genuinely concerned about the guest experience. Immersion Technology, Inc. (ITI) will establish its viability by seeking and delivering solid advice and professional services to help hotel operators command more effective systems configuration, operation and maintenance of their systems. We serve those who operate and manage hospitality facilities, their IT systems and most importantly we serve those who ensure the valued guest experience.

We concentrate on providing the most value for the dollar spent, we will help hoteliers in everything pertaining to hospitality and will seek out speaking engagements, consulting and RFP process agreements and long term contacts with the focus to improve operational efficiencies, extend the life of your current systems and ultimately help hoteliers make the best decisions possible for any new system selections being considered.

We will provide system selection process (RFP) and work to find each customer the best matched system for their business needs. We will further work with the customer to negotiate and forge the relationship between them and their vendor into a formal and committed partnership.

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