Ideas on hand

Man’s mind, once stretched by new ideas, never regains its original dimension.
– Oliver Wendell Holmes

The wheels are always turning at Immersion Technology, Inc. – call us today at (702) 233-8212 to find out what new dimension we can bring to your business!


What's currently in the making?

We create New Products and Uses for Technology in Hospitality:

ITI is currently evolving the technology of radio frequency tracking to better serve hospitality companies in their objectives to provide a personalized guest experiences. The modules include tools to improve operations, employee satisfaction, property security and increase revenue.


ITI provides a complete hosting solution with highly trained staff. Our clients have come to know that they can rely on us for all of their hosting service needs, with our in-house talent and top-notch partners, we provide more than just ping and power. We are there to respond when your company has an unexpected crisis.

ITI does not force you into “cookie cutter” packages. The quote and the services we will provide are customized to your company’s needs. Specific hardware and software solutions are crafted based on your requirements, thus we can provide the best value for your dollar.
As your company grows and evolves, we work with you, allowing you freedom and flexibility while insuring the maximum ROl.

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