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As you are considering your options in hospitality solution providers, let us help you determine your best choice will be Immersion Technology, Inc.

We are completely immersed in everything hospitality technology and are at your service when you have the need for Research, Development, Training, Project Management, Support, Organization, Planning, Consulting, Testing and Supervision.

ITI is dedicated to helping your company reach your objective, in the time estimated, within the cost quoted.


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Immersion Technology Services

We help you (with your vendors) create your ideal hospitality-technology environment. Partnering with ITI means you don’t have to limit yourself to any one vendor, instead ITI gives you the opportunity to work with open technology and ODBC to develop your own utopia.

Your organization can't afford to wear the many hats needed to integrate these technologies and further, to motivate your multiple vendors to work together. Immersion Technology can, and we'll make your case to them – isn’t it time someone developed a business to serve as your advocate in the hospitality technology market?

Whatever your ideal may be, we want to help you achieve it quicker – utilizing the latest Military, Commercial and NASA Technology available today. We will fill in the technology gaps and motivate your vendors to open up their system for better data exchange, resulting in the removal of obstacles to your organization’s success!

Our Professional and Consulting Services include:

Research & Development of "Potential" Ideas – We offer direction on development of new products that your hotel may desire today or tomorrow but can’t wait for till next year. We help forge the integration of new technology to affordable adoption into and with your current systems. ITI explores differing and mixed technologies and how they are used today, identifying better ways they can be used tomorrow. We evaluate the cost benefit analysis, breaking these cutting edge systems into the Hospitality Marketplace without costing you a fortune. We employ subject matter experts, excited and imaginative people who have been a part of some of the world’s foremost technology companies. ITI brings new technology to Hospitality and what we can do for you today is limited only by your own willingness to ask for the impossible to be possible.

Consulting and Advisement on Current Systems – Whether analyzing your existing software or considering procuring new software to run your business, we can help you identify and specify the exact functionality and business rules needed to improve your operations. By understanding your unique business needs, we help reaffirm your choice in a complete software package. Usually, software companies will offer to make development changes for a fee and in the end you're often presented with “just what you asked for but nothing like what you needed”. When ITI is involved we help ensure your product selection, development “detail” needs are met and and that you are getting the best deal from your PMS, CRS, CRM and POS vendors. You can rest assured we have been there before and know what MUST be called out in advance, to hold the same leverage in the future. As one vendor system has reached its limits we'll help develop a complimentary system built to bridge the technology gap. We speak your language as well as the software providers' – knowing both waterfall and agile development methodologies – and will insure that you get what you need.

Testing of your SystemsITI provides experienced resources to evaluate new applications, new features, and new programs you may be considering for implementation in (or have purchased for) your operations. We provide User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on a variety of systems and platforms and are also available for live / cutover services and support of application data into your new or converted systems. Thoroughness in our efforts is just one of our many strengths and that equals peace of mind for you.

Customized Training We develop customized training programs for both existing and new implementations, ongoing education of your users and periodic refreshers, while ensuring your policy and procedures are incorporated. ITI offers remote training, additional to or in lieu of, on-site / classroom training, as well as live support training for minor upgrades, including development of comprehensive learning tools. We review, understand and develop courses tailored to your operational needs and objectives while working to empower your employees with the knowledge that results from a good system training program.

Project Management We bring experience in implementing new systems, new technologies and new marketing programs. We're aware of the challenges your operations face daily. As ITI implements your plan from start to finish, your team can concentrate on learning hands-on instead of managing the detailed process of the project. Leave the management to us and let your staff to do what they do best, service your guest and take care of your operations.

Private Label Support for ALL your Systems System maintenance and support (remote and on-site) of many different PMS, POS and Back Office systems. Real-time help at the moment we receive your call with guaranteed follow-up care for each issue. When your staff places a support call with Immersion Technology, 'WE OWN IT' until we can resolve the issue. We immediately relieve stress that technical problems bring. We didn’t build it, but we will fix / work around it or, we will assist you in finding a new solution / vendor that can; one that is right for you.
Please review our services sheet on the left for more information on our Help Desk offering.

Planning The single most important aspect of any change is the planning stage. ITI has experience implementing IT changes within organizations from independent inns and suites to franchise hotels, including new system implementations, renovations, grand openings to new customer service and technology support programs.

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